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This time of year, your potential customers are likely to have the holiday season on their minds. Why not attract attention by incorporating the excitement and spirit of winter holidays into your own social media campaigns? Other brands, from authors to tech giants, have already figured out that the holiday season is, indeed, the most wonderful time of year for their brands. Consider these five tips to add a little holiday spirit to your social media pages.
1. Holiday Decorations
While you’re putting up lights and ornaments around your home, why not perk up your website and social media pages? Add some holiday or seasonal touches to the cover images on your social pages. Alternatively, you could simply take a photo of yourself with an elf hat on to use as a fun profile photo for a few weeks. Either way, you are bound to earn a second glance, and possibly, you will increase engagement as your followers comment on the decorations.
2. Give Away Prizes and Presents
Who doesn’t like holiday presents? Contests are proven ways to increase engagement, social sharing, and fan bases. You have an opportunity to get more attention while the contest runs, and you also have a chance to get the attention of the winners’ social circles after you announce the winners at the conclusion of your giveaway.
3. Sponsor a Good Cause
Truly get into the spirit of giving by sponsoring a worthy foundation or charity that is likely to appeal to potential customers. If this worthy cause is somehow related to your own brand and products, even better. In the spirit of enlightened self-interest, you may find good causes that also use their social networks to mention their sponsors.
4. Ask for Shared Stories
Never forget that social media is meant to be social. Ask your existing community of fans and followers to share some of their holiday stories. For example, you might create a post about one of your own favorite holiday memories or traditions. Ask your social network to add replies with their reactions to your story or events that your story reminded them of. You are likely to increase engagement and get some attention from the social circles of community members who share.
5. Hijack Holiday Hashtags (Ho Ho Ho!)
Hijacking sounds more naughty than nice, but using trending social media hashtags is a proven way to get noticed on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Depending upon your product, you might look for trending discussions or campaigns like the #12DaysofChristmas.
Make a New Year’s Resolution to Plan Ahead Next Year
It’s better to plan holiday social media campaigns in advance, but these simple tips can still get planned and implemented quickly. While you’re implementing your seasonal media campaigns, don’t forget to track your success. You can always use this information to help prepare for an even more jolly holiday social marketing season next year.

Source: Business2community